Monday, 16 July, 2018 10:55 am
Palisade Manor
920 4th Street
Garretson, SD 57030


About Us

Weekly Activities

In Palisade Manor, we have a lot of fun activities for our residents to share and cooperate together.

  • M&M Mondays - Every Monday, we give the residents Manicures and M&M.s.
    (if there's not a holiday or special happening)

  • Friendship Circle - We have homemade baked goods (banana bread, cookies, etc.), discuss memories, and read scriptures from Good Old Days Magazine.

  • Bible Study - Second Wednesday Pastor gives Communion.

  • BINGO - Play bingo and get prizes, sponsored by local organizations.

  • Bake 'n' Taste - Residents bake a treat and the rest of the residents taste.

  • Sunday Chapel Services - Pastors come to the home and allow them to receive their sermons and religious teachings.

  • Elementary School Kids - Residents get to spend time with some Elementary School children. Children read a book to them or just discuss their days. Do fun activities like play cards in the Dining Room or Bingo with the assistance of the children.

Here, we also have fun outings and celebrations:

  • National Nursing Home Week Celebration - Take pictures, recognize volunteers, and get together and celebrate other Nursing Homes.

  • Mothers Day Tea - Residents get a nice dinner and spend the day celebrating mothers.

  • Fathers Day Cook Out - Our Residents get a BBQ dinner and spend the day celebrating Fathers.

  • El Raid Shrine Circus - invite all residents to enjoy a day at the circus.

  • Fishing At Spellerberg Park - invites all residents to the fish fry.

  • Float in the Jesse James Days Parade (June) - have a group of bandits (residents) on the float.

  • 4th of July - Celebrate with sparklers and snappers.

  • Spook Alley - Halloween - invites kids to trick or treat in our home.

  • Christmas Angels - every resident has an Angel who gives them a gift at a party.

And so much more activities throughout the whole year!!